Adolescent Girls

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Quote from clientI am skilled as an individual and family therapist at treating a wide range of adolescent difficulties such as:

  • Adjustment to family changes such as separation/divorce
  • ADHD, ADD and Learning Differences
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Trauma and Grief/Loss

Does your adolescent:

  • Have trouble sleeping or eating?
  • Seem affected by loud sounds and noises?
  • Have issues with transitions or changes?
  • Seem sad, agitated or withdrawn?
  • Seem to have more worries than most or show signs of anxiety?
  • Have trouble making or keeping friends?

For assistance with any of these issues, please contact me for an appointment.

Interested in resources for adolescents?

Visit my Online Resources for information about books and other support related web sites.