Parent Focused Therapy

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Quote from parentsI work with a number of parents with a variety of challenges. I have found that you never stop being a parent.

I provide support and guidance to parents of children of all ages ’ from infants to grown adult children, either through short-term therapy or through a consultation to help sort out your concerns.

Either process will highlight your own history and its impact on your current parenting. These sessions will allow you to enhance your present day parenting techniques and improve your family environment.

In these Parent Focused therapy sessions, I often see parents with these common issues:

  • Adapting to having a newborn(s)
  • Challenges of Parenting Adolescents/Young Adults
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
  • Parenting Children who have Sensory Integration Struggles/ADD/ADHD
  • Parenting Young Adults
  • Raising Grandchildren
  • Relationship Struggles with Adult Children

Parents, do you:

  • Have difficulty setting and following through with limits with children of all ages?
  • Have difficulty adjusting to having a new baby?
  • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your role as a parent?
  • Struggle with being the parent of a tween, teenager, or a young adult?
  • Do you need support in taming your toddler?
  • Disagree with your partner on ways to co-parent?

For assistance with any of these issues, please contact me for an appointment.

Interested in additional parenting resources?

Visit my Online Resources for information about books and other support related web sites.