Getting Started

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Interior OfficeWhat to Expect

During my initial phone session we will both decide if I am the best person to meet your therapy needs. After that, an initial Diagnostic Session will be arranged. Telemental Health Services may be available, please visit the web page for more information.

This first session will be a chance for us to get to know one another and further explore your expectations of therapy. You will have an opportunity to share, in detail, what brought you into therapy in this hour long session.

I will listen to the details of your past history to the present day, highlighting some areas where we can create therapy goals for you to meet. Therapy can either be short-term or long-term — depending on what individual goals are desired.

After this session, an ongoing 45 minute sessions will be scheduled. Often the session will be at the same time every week. There may be times however, when we would meet more than once a week or for a longer session if you are going through a difficult time and/or more time is needed to address the present concerns.

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