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One of my specialties is working with women who have a history of Trauma in their lives. The Trauma can be small or large. This experience can be due to many things including being a victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

A traumatic reaction can also occur due to a loss (miscarriage, still born, traumatic delivery or death of a loved one) or abandonment. I see many women in my practice that struggle with Attachment Trauma. This is where they did not develop a healthy, loving attachment with their mother or caregiver. This absence and/or toxic relationship shapes the way women deal with adversities, develop/utilize their coping skills, and engage in interactions with loved ones, employers, children etc.

Often women will present with many different symptoms including anxiety, depression, rage, numbness, racing thoughts, self-mutilation, addictive behavior (drugs, drinking) and more. This is just the way their body is remembering what happened and helping them to survive their ordeal.

By using the methods of Natural Processing/Somatic Experiencing and Adult Attachment Focused Therapy, I believe in encouraging safety and appropriate boundaries first with women. I then utilize the mind/body connection to promote healing from the trauma, while encouraging empowerment, confidence, and resiliency.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, some women have 2 sessions a week or one 90 min session. I also encourage adjunctive therapies for some women including: art therapy, drumming, exercise groups, yoga, therapeutic massage, psychotropic medication, and EMDR. These supportive therapies assist women in developing healthier ways to cope with the past.

Completed additional education and training in this area

Janina Fisher’s “Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma” Levels 1 through 4

Certified Complex Trauma Professional Level 2