Telemental Health

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I am a certified distance counselor and can conduct therapy through video counseling. Many clients love this option as it eliminates the need for child care, leaving the office to come to my office for therapy, and allows the continuity of sessions while traveling, sick and during our current pandemic crisis.

This type of service is not for everyone. I do use both VSEE and Simple Practice, which are HIPPA-compliant video services. The type of code used for insurance billing is different, so please do check your insurance to see about this type of reimbursement. ​At this current time, most insurances are reimbursing for video, phone or face time calls and some states are allowing therapists to see clients, even though these therapists are NOT licensed in that state. I am currently licensed in Virginia, but seeing clients in DC and Maryland and am available in some other states.

Once we agree that video sessions are a good fit for you, I will send you an invitation to VSEE and my new online billing application, so that you can download and fill out the short registration form and complete your forms in your new client portal through SIMPLE PRACTICE. You can use VSEE on your phone or computer.

Please call or email me at if you are interested today.

I have collected some downloadable Telemental Health resources for reference.

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